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Volunteer Management

Drafting Policies and Procedures




Volunteer Management Consulting

Volunteerism is a universal act that holds the potential to be transformative for the individual, the organization, and the community they all serve. Organizations can cultivate volunteers' transformative potential through a well designed, well-executed volunteer engagement program.

Drafting Policies and Procedures

Effective policies and procedures cascade from the organizational level to the front lines, reflecting values, and the ways and means an organization uses to ensure those values are adhered to. Comprehensive, up to date policies and procedures capture your organizations values, protect your organization from risk and ensure consistent and equitable treatment of staff, volunteers and clients.


About Lee Jones

I am a volunteer management professional. I am passionate about cultivating the potential people hold in their work, volunteer and personal lives. This potential translates to enhanced capacity of nonprofits' ability to deliver on their missions. I facilitate this contribution through professionally designed and implemented volunteer programs. 

I also do the much maligned work of drafting policies and procedures ;)

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Contact me today to inquire about assessing or building your volunteer program, designing volunteer experiences for staff, or life coaching services.

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